Quotes of the day

“New England’s moderate Republicans, shoved out of power by two Democratic waves of anti-George W. Bush fervor, are scrambling to make a 2010 comeback, making early bids for congressional seats that GOP leaders say are critical to taking back majorities in the House and Senate…

“[I]n next year’s congressional election, Republicans believe they can regain ground in districts that have historically prided themselves on their Yankee independence and self-sufficiency. In the Granite State, GOP candidates could well win back both congressional seats and the open Senate seat, said Andy Smith, director of the University of New Hampshire Survey Center.

“Lincoln Chafee, a former moderate GOP senator now running as an independent for governor of Rhode Island, said his former party has moved so far to the right that he doesn’t see any room in it for New England moderates.

‘If you ask me, I’d recommend they run as independents,’ he said.”

“There are more conservatives than Democrats in America, and there are more Democrats than Republicans.

“One reason for this is that while Republican voters overwhelmingly consider themselves conservative, only 56% of conservative voters consider themselves to be Republicans. In other words, nearly half of all conservatives nationwide reject the Republican Party label…

“It should be noted that Democratic Party dynamics are entirely different.

“While a plurality (44%) of Democrats are politically liberal, nearly as many (35%) are moderate. So Democrats must make compromises within their party before reaching out.”

“‘I don’t give a crap about party,’ said Jennifer Bernstone, a tea party organizer for Central New York 912, which helped to lead the anti-Scozzafava charge. ‘Grass-roots activists don’t care about party.’…

“‘There are going to be other conflicts,’ said Brandon. ‘We have a lot of work to do. The [Doug] Hoffman campaign was the beginning. It was not the climax.’…

“To be blunt, many conservative activists couldn’t care less what Davis and top party officials think about them and their brand of politics…

“Numerous GOP officials have told POLITICO they worry that the party has been hijacked by a noisy and powerful minority that will keep the GOP in a noisy and not-so-powerful minority for a long time.”

“It means that the Republican establishment blew it.”

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