Palin on Scozzafava's withdrawal: Now we must unite

Totally true, and precisely Gingrich’s point in endorsing Hoffman so quickly after Team Dede threw in the towel this morning. But there are a lot of Scozzafava supporters who’ll read this tomorrow and wonder why Palin wasn’t worried about unity when she dropped the hammer on their preferred candidate — who, by the way, was her party’s nominee — last week.

Which is a long way of saying that while the message is correct, Sarahcuda may not be the optimal messenger here. Remember, according to today’s Siena poll, Scozzafava voters approve of Obama to the tune of 64 percent. They didn’t poll Palin’s favorable rating, but given this bloc’s center-left tendencies, you can imagine how she’d fare among them.

A Time to Unite

I want to personally thank Republican Dede Scozzafava for acting so selflessly today in the NY District 23 race. Now it’s time to cross the finish line with Doug Hoffman so that he can get to work for District 23 and the rest of America.

With Congress poised to overhaul one-sixth of our economy with so-called health care “reform” (which is really a government takeover of health care) and with plans to enact a cap-and-tax bill just as our economy struggles to recover, Doug Hoffman will be a voice for fiscal responsibility and common sense in Washington.

We need candidates like Doug now more than ever. In these final days of the campaign, it’s vital that Doug continue to receive the enthusiastic support of those who want to bring common sense to Washington. Let’s help make it happen! You can help Doug by visiting his official website today and offering your support:

Hoffman, smartly, has been beating Owens over the head with Pelosi references in his attack ads. I wonder if Palin’s high-profile entry into this race is going to earn her the same treatment from Owens in any new ads he might be preparing to try to win over Scozzafava voters. Don’t think so? Check out this new over-the-top fundraising e-mail from James Carville on behalf of the DCCC. Exit quotation: “Help us raise $500,000 in response to Sarah Palin’s fundraising for the tea party nut jobs.”

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Jazz Shaw 5:31 PM on February 04, 2023