Video: Michelle on Harry Reid's nutty ObamaCare bill

Via Right Scoop, here’s the boss wondering whether Dingy Harry has cocked things up so badly in the Senate that he has no choice now but to try to ram through the public option via reconciliation. Two reasons to think that he won’t: (1) After having been rolled by Joe Liebs, there’s good cause to think he simply isn’t smart enough to pull off a gambit as complicated as reconciliation, and (2) if the GOP cleans up in next week’s state races, the Democrats are going to freak out about trying something as partisan and unilateral as that. Evan Bayh’s already suggesting that he’s prepared to filibuster a vote that would merely bring Reid’s bill to the floor for a debate, which is a step further than even Lieberman went. If you’re eager to foster that fear, humiliate Reid, and send Obama back to the drawing board, send Chris Christie a check tonight. It’s the surest way to get the left to wet its pants.

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