Video: Journalism's stars of tomorrow drop phat beats on Fox News

In case you ever wondered what an ethics class at Columbia Journalism School was like, wonder no longer. The clip’s been making the rounds, earning special contempt from Greg Gutfeld and Reason Online, but while I’m reluctant to challenge my hipper elders, I confess I feel more sympathy than outrage. Imagine spending tens of thousands of dollars a year on tuition aimed at a career in a dying industry (during a horrible recession, no less) that’s more and more reviled by the public with each passing day. Congratulations to this kid for finding a reason to get out of bed in the morning, let alone construct timeless rhymes like, um, “parity” and “Hannity.” Now go out there and show Roger Ailes who’s boss, tiger. Oh, and try to remember that bit about retracting when you err. For some reason, that one seems to be forgotten after graduation.

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