Quotes of the day

“HH: You know what? I can’t swear, David. I can’t swear. But I have really had it with this stuff. Your drive-by treatment of fellow conservatives is outrageous. And then not to be able to back it up and defend it by citing line and verse, is outrageous. It’s slanderous. It’s the worst kind of yellow journalism practiced by drive-by leftists who you ought not to have anything to do with. And I am P.O’d about it now.

“DF: I’m sorry, are you, you are now saying that, the way, the things you just said, that’s responsible talk?

“HH: Yes, I am, because I’ve got you on the air talking to me, and I’ll let you tee off on me. But when you drive-by me in Newsweek, when you put on your blog that in essence accuses me of hypocrisy, you don’t recognize it, and you won’t own it, and you can’t cite anything, David Frum. You are an outrageous example of the worst kind of yellow journalism out there. And the way you treat Limbaugh and Levin and Hannity, who do 50 times the work of keeping conservative principles alive in this country, you ought to be ashamed of yourself.”

“A senior GOP strategist, granted anonymity in order to speak candidly, lamented that in endorsing Hoffman, the contenders had delivered to the White House an early victory in their efforts to brand the Republican Party as dominated by its conservative wing.

“‘The Obama White House has made a lot of mistakes, but they’ve certainly gotten the Republican Party’s number,’ said the strategist.

“The rush to back Hoffman, this strategist said, is ‘proof that the Obama political strategy is working.'”

“‘Both parties seem to be more for big government,’ said Johnson, a probation clerk in Fulton, N.Y. ‘The Republicans need to learn that the people they are running [for office] do not represent the views of the people.'”