Good news: Time for another celebrity ObamaCare ad

I don’t know, actually. Does Heather Graham still qualify as a celebrity? We’re a long, long way from “Austin Powers”, my friends. Regardless, this spot and its hosannas to competition — from MoveOn, no less — cry out for parody even more than that Will Ferrell abomination did. Keep the track-meet motif and simply have Public Option pull out a tire iron and kneecap the other racers mid-stride, just like all those nice Democrats who’ve been caught on tape burbling about single-payer would like. Too simple? No problem: Have Public Option’s coach, Individual Mandate, leap in from the sidelines and wield the tire iron instead. Too wonky for SNL, admittedly, but just right for the ‘Net.

CNN has support for the public option now at 61 percent, incidentally. Gallup? 50/46, within the margin of error. How lucky do you feel about those midterms?

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