Alan Grayson: Fox News, GOP are the enemies of America, peace, puppies

Via Greg Hengler, a belated edition to Michael Moynihan’s list of liberals who’ve recently questioned the patriotism of the right. I’ll level with you: I know I’m supposed to be horribly offended by this, but I find it impossible to take seriously anything that comes of this grandstanding idiot’s mouth. He’s so clearly relishing his role as the left’s new golden boy/attack dog that I half expect him to start bringing photos of Rush Limbaugh to his interviews so that he can tear them up halfway through. And yet, because the left can always be trusted to have a mock-outraged fainting spell whenever some conservative tosses a rhetorical grenade like this at them (has any Republican gone quite this far lately?), I’m obliged to flag it simply for tu quoque point-scoring purposes. The next time Michele Bachmann or whoever says something nutty and liberals are overcome by the vapors of how demagogic the GOP is, here’s your post to point back to.

I actually went over to MSNBC and watched the full exchange with Grayson to make sure that Ed Schultz didn’t challenge him on this, and sure enough, nope, he didn’t. You might want to check out the beginning of that clip, incidentally, as it features Grayson musing that 99 percent of Americans have the good sense not to watch Fox News. Um, buddy, do you realize which network you’re on here?