Fox News: Yesterday's off-the-record briefing with Obama included Olby and Maddow

Via chicostien, an intriguing little scooplet from tonight’s Political Grapevine. Skip ahead to 2:40 for the relevant bit. I can’t find confirmation on Google News that a briefing was even held, let alone who attended, but Baier says they’ve got confirmation from a White House official so oh well. Bush did this sort of thing too, mind you, but I don’t recall him doing it in the midst of a vendetta he was running against an opposition media outlet, never mind with one of the most vocal critics of that outlet in American media in attendance. Flashback fun from 2006:

Keith Olbermann, in opening teaser: “The born again and the born talkers: The President takes 90 minutes worth of your taxpayer dollars to entertain right-wing radio yackers in the Oval Office, and will set up a radio row for them on the White House grounds next week.”…

Olbermann: “I’ve got a question for you about the Military Commissions Act, too, but let’s finish off this episode first. In January, the President consulted with 13 former Secretaries of State and Defense about Iraq, spoke for 40 minutes, allowed discussion for 5 to 10 minutes. The figures for the 5 conservative radio show people is double that. is there an explanation of that that does not include the President using the Oval Office for purely political purposes and even indirectly for political fund-raising?”

Hard to say how “purely political” this was without knowing who else was there. CNN? WSJ? Maybe I missed it in my Googling. E-mail me if you saw something about it and I’ll update.

Below the Baier clip you’ll find a mock ad from yesterday’s “Countdown.” Just for context.

Update: In fairness to Obama, if this really was some strategy session about attacking Fox, would there be any need to include Olby? The guy once dropped eight fat jokes about Roger Ailes in a seven-minute segment. I think he’s already mastered this script.

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Beege Welborn 8:01 PM on February 03, 2023