The plot thickens: Parents were watching when balloon took off

I promise, we’re not going to be balloon-blogging all day, but the increasing shadiness of this story makes it momentarily irresistible. This whole clip’s worth watching — note that the kid’s obviously sick, and even vomited on camera on the Today show, yet mom and dad are still dragging him out for interviews — but pay special attention to the home footage of the liftoff at around -7:45. Cameras just so happened to be rolling when the balloon came untethered to capture the parents’ alibi-creating shock and anger? And how exactly did it become untethered? The story yesterday was that the kid might have crawled in and unmoored it himself, but the parents were right there when it took off. Who untethered it? Click the image to watch.

Update: Surprise, surprise: The sheriff has a few more questions for the family.


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