Alan "Teacups" Grayson to GOP: "Get out of the way" on health care

I like to imagine he wrote this one in a flash of righteous indignation during Country Bear Jamboree.

An excruciating four minutes, and not really because of the subject matter. Granted, he’s dead wrong about Americans not caring about the vote count in the Senate — independents oppose a Democrat-only bill 62/32 — and granted, only in his sweetest buck-passing dreams is the GOP actually “in the way” given that it lacks the votes even to mount a filibuster. The real problem here is that the guy’s grandstanding shamelessly (note how he looks directly into the camera throughout) but he’s just … not that good at it. I don’t know if it’s his voice or his Nixonian presence or what, but there’s an element of desperation to it that just wouldn’t be there coming from, say, Mark Warner. No matter, though. Joe Wilson’s become a political celebrity while raising a cool $2.7 million from his moment of incivility, and Grayson’s clearly learned the “right” lesson from that. Can’t wait to see what he’s got planned for next week’s performance. Click the image to watch.

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