Bill Ayers to righty blogger: Of course I wrote "Dreams from My Father"

What’s more amusing? The fact that he’d tease a conservative by baiting her about the right’s Cashill/Andersen-fueled authorship suspicions, or the fact that the Examiner seems to think he was making an earnest, honest-to-goodness confession?


Note that this wasn’t even in response to a question. He simply blurted it out as soon as the interviewer identified herself as conservative.

Anne Leary of Back Yard Conservative was passing through Washington, DC’s Reagan National Airport yesterday, and was surprised to come across Bill Ayers at Starbucks: “scruffy, thinning beard, dippy earring, and the wire rims, heading to order.” She struck up a conversation with him and snapped the accompanying photo…

Ayers was in Washington, he told her, for a conference on education.

“That’s what I do, education,” he said. “You shouldn’t believe everything you hear about me… You know nothing about me.”

To which she responded, “I said, I know plenty–I’m from Chicago, a conservative blogger, and I’ll post this.”…

But he didn’t scowl, and didn’t run off as he has been known to do. Instead, unprompted, he blurted out: “I wrote ‘Dreams From My Father… Michelle asked me to.” Then he added “And if you can prove it we can split the royalties.”

Anne responded, “Stop pulling my leg!”

But he repeated insistently, “I wrote it, the wording was similar [to Ayers’ other writing.]”

Anne responded, “I believe you probably heavily edited it.”

Ayers stated firmly, “I wrote it.”

Anne ended the conversation by saying “why would I believe you? You’re a liar.”


Follow the link for the Examiner’s theory that being denied proper credit for the president’s book — which was published almost 15 years ago — may have finally triggered Ayers’s megalomania such that he could no longer suppress the truth during … a chance encounter with a blogger in an airport. Dude?

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