AP wonders: In hindsight, wasn't it hypocritical of Letterman to mock politicians for infidelity?

Why … yes. Yes, I suppose it was.

Eliot Spitzer, John Edwards and Larry Craig came in for their share of abuse, as did the governor of South Carolina. “Gov. Mark Sanford didn’t really enjoy this year’s Fourth of July. He left his favorite firecracker in Argentina,” Letterman wisecracked…

Not that Letterman falls into quite the same category of unfaithful officials who hypocritically spouted family values. After all, comedy β€” not moral guidance β€” is Letterman’s aim. And he is not facing re-election, though he did briefly fret on the air about keeping his job.

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who had a run-in with Letterman over jokes made at the expense of her teenage daughter, declined through a spokeswoman to comment on his admissions. But visitors to Palin’s Facebook page did not hold back.

One Palin supporter who posted under the name Linda Aragona wrote: “Amen! God said you will reap what you sow. Letterman tried to destroy Sarah personally and professionally. Looks like that wagging finger was turned right back on him. Who’s laughing now Dave?!!!”

Being blackmailed by an avaricious scumbag is God’s revenge on Dave? Hmmmm. In any case, Verum Serum was way ahead of this meme last night, chronicling some of Letterman’s greatest side-splitting hits at the expense of Larry Craig, David Vitter, Eliot Spitzer and others. I’m assuming he’ll skate on the hypocrisy unless the mysterious “creepy things” that he did turn out to be even creepier than what those turds were charged with doing, in which case this’ll be a source of content for months on end. Are you looking forward to post after post about Letterman’s skeevy behavior? Me neither.

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