More right-wing rage: Rush runs over Al Gore cutout -- twice

And Leno’s audience goes wild. I’m afraid to check Technorati for what I might find in the way of deep nutroots thinkin’ about the “climate of violence” created here, but there’s no avoiding big media, alas. I fear we’re in for a very special Frank Rich column indeed this Sunday, my friends.

First clip is the Goracle hit-and-run, second and third are Limbaugh’s chummy two-part chat with Jay. He’s posted the transcript in case you prefer skimming to watching. Quote:

I’m saying we’ve got enough mistakes the federal government’s run. We don’t need to compound it with more programs. I just believe the market will take care of it. Most of the people in this country are very happy with the health coverage, the health treatment that they get. There’s no reason to turn it all upside down. And all this is being done — Jay, I’ll tell you what really worries me about it. Forget the intricacies of health care. If the government gets control of health care, that’s the single best way that they get to control every aspect of our lives: what we eat, what we drive — because it will all have impact on health care costs, their responsibility via our taxes, and it’s just a mechanism whereby government grows and grows and grows and we lose liberty and freedom to it. And that’s what the problem with nationalized health care is. (applause)

Exit question: Racist or not?

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