Breitbart: I thought Bertha Lewis was grateful that we exposed ACORN's corruption

Yeah, I thought so too. Follow that link and watch the clip — “they sort of did us a good service” — because if this travesty ever makes it to trial, you can rest assured that it’ll end up in the evidence file. That’s one of two key talking points here, touched on in both Breitbart’s clip and the one of Giles from “Hannity” that’s also embedded below. The other is the fact that because ACORN receives taxpayer funding, your money and mine is being used to fund this legal retaliatory strike. Which prompts a question that’s guaranteed to be impressed upon the jury: Who’s acting in the greater “public interest” here? O’Keefe and Giles, by exposing corruption at a publicly supported nonprofit? Or ACORN, by applying the cash they’re supposed to be using to help the poor to suppress the evidence of it?

No surprise, per Breitbart’s aside, that the response to Hannah’s defense fund has been “overwhelming” so far.

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