Video: Children sing songs of Obama's glory

No word on where or when this was shot but it was posted to YouTube just two days before The One’s speech to students, which makes me wonder if it was part of some school’s festivities for the screening. I think parents’ fears about their kids being politically indoctrinated are usually overblown, but I’m open to persuasion by compelling evidence — like, for example, this, or the vid you’re about to see. Getting little kids to croon about how awesome the president is troubles me less than the pop quiz the boss posted, mainly because they’re too young to understand and/or assimilate the agenda they’re singing about (and way too young to vote, natch). But Guy Benson got my atheist ire up when he noted that one of the lines about The One here, heard near the beginning from the kid who’s singing solo, is an adaptation from a hymn about how much Jesus loves the little children. Which makes this an extreme example of what the boss was so worried about vis-a-vis Obama’s speech: Not that he’d say something nutty or overtly political to kids but that some of his more devout cultists in the teaching ranks would take the speech as a license to push the political envelope in the classroom. And here we are.