Krauthammer: Why isn't Obama paying closer attention to Afghanistan?

Via the Right Scoop, a rhetorical question par excellence. Has there ever been a president less interested in foreign policy than The One? Does anyone, right or left, think he wouldn’t happily take a pass on international issues for four or eight years to concentrate on remaking America’s economy in his statist image? His Afghanistan posture was always transparently a sop to centrists, to prove that he was a “hawk” on some wars even though he was famously a dove on Iraq. Now he senses some public reluctance to invest further in the “good war” and suddenly he’s “skeptical” about more troops for the counterinsurgency strategy. Same with Iran: My hunch is that he’d happily go on tango-ing with them forever if it meant buying him enough time to pass ObamaCare and cap-and-trade. The irony is, if his domestic priorities go down in flames, his only chance for reelection might be some sort of impressive victory in foreign policy, be it Iranian disarmament or an Israeli/Palestinian peace plan. I wonder how much he’s willing to give up.

Here’s a few minutes of video from the March presser on Afghanistan referenced by Krauthammer lest you doubt Obama’s recent commitment to winning this fight.

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David Strom 8:41 PM on January 30, 2023