Video: The obligatory "Wolf Blitzer utterly destroyed on Celebrity Jeopardy" clip

When I heard that it was Andy Richter who did the destroying, I assumed it must have been a bit from Conan’s show. The script writes itself: Starring Andy as the goofball who turns out to be a genius and featuring a cameo by the professorial Blitzer as a sort of Brick Tamland character. Nope, no bit; this is totally for realsies. He stays above water until about five minutes in, when he names, um, Jerusalem as Jesus’s birthplace. It’s all downhill from there.

Anyone can have one bad game, though, right? Maybe not: Watch the second clip, recorded during the rehearsal, and behold as he flames out there too. Wait ’til you see what the Final Jeopardy question was that he blanked on. Needless to say, my faith in the total intellectual superiority of the mainstream media has been shattered.

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