New secret weapon in selling ObamaCare: Michelle Obama

Why not? The One’s out of ammo and the Democrats’ hyper-negative racial campaigning has failed epically. Might as well hand the ball off to Mrs. O and see if she can “mom” America into supporting this craptastic boondoggle. Imagine the media coverage. Three tips to raising a healthy child: Plenty of exercise, lots of vegetables, and blowing a trillion dollars on a universal health care plan that’ll still be bleeding red ink when the Obama girls are grandmothers.

The bad news: This means lots, lots more stories on how to get toned arms. The good news: There’s a fair chance of a “I won’t be proud of my country unless we pass ObamaCare” moment, which means rich, tasty right-wing blog content for weeks on end.

For the health care reform push, which got something of a reboot last week with President Barack Obama’s address to Congress, the aim is for the first lady’s imprimatur to put a friendly face and a noncontroversial spin on a complex, highly partisan issue.

She won’t get into the weeds on health care, pushing specific details or plans as Clinton did. Instead, she’ll make the soft, soccer-mom sell, highlighting the need to eat healthy, exercise and get preventive care. On Friday, Michelle Obama will appear at an event where women and families will talk about the health care system, and she will deliver remarks that will “amplify the president’s message on the need for health insurance reform,” according to the White House…

“Women are the swing voters on health care, and they are the people who pay most attention to health care for their families,” said Richard Kirsch, national campaign manager for Health Care for America Now, a coalition of community, labor and health care provider groups. “Having Michelle Obama as a spokesperson on health care makes a tremendous difference in terms of having women understand what the president’s plan will mean for families. It takes it from the policy to the personal.”

Consider yourselves lucky. Given the left’s penchant for using kids to push their policies, if M.O. fails it’s only a matter of time before Democratic spin doctors unleash an army of precious moppets to drop an atomic guilt bomb. Remember the scene in “Wag the Dog” with the girl and the calico kitten? Dude, it’s coming.

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