Chuck Todd on covering Van Jones: "Is that the best use of the time of the mainstream media?"

Via Breitbart, another great moment in gatekeeping from a guy who spent last week spin-doctoring Joe Wilson’s outburst for the White House, replete with a heavy-handed racial narrative to explain southern antipathy to The One’s agenda. Evidently the valuable time of the mainstream media is better spent coming up with stuff to air in lieu of covering the ACORN story and concocting ever new and more creative ways in which to dismiss criticisms of Obama as racist. Never mind that the whole point of the Van Jones story is that Barry O’s czar fetish constitutes an end-around the typical constitutional process for confirming administration officials in positions of power. Not enough of an angle for you guys, huh?

Exit question: As I recall, Jake Tapper wrote multiple posts about the Van Jones story on his blog at ABC. Who wants to be the one to tell him that his news priorities are out of whack?

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