Video: Beck and Horowitz on radicals in the White House

Not a must-see, especially if you’ve already read the boss’s book, but he deserves a little extra free publicity to end a week where (a) he was proven only too right about Van Jones and (b) big media did everything it could to suppress that fact. When Barry O finally does pull the trap door on Jones, the press narrative will be that Beck went after him simply because of Color of Change’s boycott (which is untrue, since the boycott followed GB’s first attacks). But there’s an important civic wrinkle to this story. Jones may fade but the czar loophole will remain — or will it?

“In the wake of these recent revelations, the president should suspend any further appointments of so-called czars until Congress has an opportunity to examine the background and responsibilities of these individuals and to determine the constitutionality of such appointments,” said Rep. Mike Pence (R-Ind.), Chairman of the House Republican Conference, who called on Jones to resign.

The czar-attacks have begun to catch fire far beyond the Beltway. In town hall meetings across the country this August, questioners slammed the administration’s advisers, claiming that they allowed the White House to wield unchecked power…

[T]he number of czars in the Obama administration, say historians, is unprecedented.

“There just seems to be a few more in the Obama administration,” said University of Vermont professor John Burke, an authority on presidential transitions. “And they are using them particularly as a vehicle for their early policy initiatives.”

Exit question: Why isn’t Pence’s argument a ubiquitous talking point from Republicans?