Video: Michelle rips Obama over school speech

An interesting twist on the argument most critics have been making today: She’s not expecting the speech to be anything beyond innocuous “stay in school” stuff, but she worries that teachers will take the occasion as encouragement to get kids doing more politicized class assignments which Hopenchange can then use for cutesy PR. Surely the left isn’t that cynical, is it? As for the first part of the clip, dealing with the repulsive posting on Organizing for America, her point about a lefty climate of hate and Obama’s shocking failure to denounce it is well taken — but even so, it should be emphasized that that was a diary entry on the site, not something the administrators cooked up. That doesn’t excuse it, but it’s the difference between a dKos diarist posting something and Kos himself postng it. The former is merely a case of a nut exploiting someone else’s platform.

By the way: Fifth week in a row at number one, in case you’re keeping count. Which you should be!