Video: Glenn Beck scrutinizes Rockefeller Center artwork for communist propaganda

I think he’s saying that all progressives are budding fascists and closet communists and that you can trace a straight line from oil baron John D. Rockefeller to Van Jones, but I suspect he’d deny that if you put it to him in those words. (Note the hedging at the end about viewers having to form their own judgments.) A friend of mine e-mailed to say this is his “Da Vinci Code” moment, which is as good a description as any. Whatever you think of GB on the merits, though, watching this it’s crystal clear what a fantastically talented performer he is. The only other talking head on cable news with half as much personality is Olbermann, but Olby’s tune is just a few low notes struck on the far end of the keyboard. Beck often seems to be trying to play all 88 keys at once, which won’t always turn out a melody but does give you an awful lot to listen to.

Oh, by the way: Our new “green jobs czar” wants you to know that he’s sorry for calling you “assholes.”