Surprise: Even MSNBC thinks Levi Johnston's a lying scumbag

Well, the daytime anchors and guests do; doubtless Olby and Maddow find him to be a fresh-faced, charmingly plainspoken truthteller. Ace already destroyed the fallacy at the heart of the new Vanity Fair hit piece and I don’t have much to add, but it’s worth noting that Johnston’s scumbaggery has now reached such gargantuan proportions that you can see it all the way from England:

Hang on a minute: this is the grandmother of his son. Whatever you make of the Republican politician, she doesn’t come off worse in this lazy, base ‘exposé’ – Johnston does. And how is he going to explain this interview to his son one day?…

Yet, perhaps Vanity Fair is more at fault here, with its peculiar obsession with savaging Sarah Palin. Having incessantly aimed vitriol at her looks, her ‘narcissism’, her ‘aggressive’ personality and caricaturing her into an elk-shooting bimbo, it has started scraping the barrel. And this time its instrument of choice is Johnston, a teenage scumbag who would put his ego before his child.

That about covers it. If you’re hungry for more, C4P has a long post listing the many, many, many lies Levi’s told in his 15 minutes of fame. Golly, that 2008 election just keeps on paying dividends, doesn’t it?

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