Video: Kennedy's name booed at health-care town hall

A palate cleanser via Progress Illinois, which is shocked, shocked to find that Ted Kennedy is still loathed by conservatives in death — quite in contrast to how George W. Bush would be treated if, say, a Republican congressman invoked his name posthumously while addressing a Democratic audience. Consider this further evidence, though, in case any was indeed that slapping the Ted Kennedy seal of approval on a government program isn’t much of a selling point to anyone to the right of Which is too bad for The One, really, considering how his own vaunted salesman skills have deserted him lately.

Fun fact about Jan Schakowsky, seen here stupidly invoking the hero of Chappaquiddick in defense of her cause before a crowd with right-wingers in it: To this day, no one has been as blunt about the public option serving as a trojan horse for single-payer as she has.

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