Michele Bachmann: Let's slit our wrists and take a blood oath against ObamaCare

Dude, I’ll do a pinky swear and, perhaps, accept a triple dog dare. But actual cutting? Blood spilled a la eighth-graders heading off to look at a body one of their classmates found in the woods?

I only do that for tax cuts.

“This cannot pass,” the Minnesota Republican told a crowd at a Denver gathering sponsored by the Independence Institute. “What we have to do today is make a covenant, to slit our wrists, be blood brothers on this thing. This will not pass. We will do whatever it takes to make sure this doesn’t pass.”

“Something is way crazy out there,” Bachmann said in her remarks, billed as a “personal legislative briefing” by the Golden-based Independence Institute, which bills itself as a “free market think tank.”

“This is slavery,” Bachmann said after claiming many Americans pay half their income to taxes. “It’s nothing more than slavery.”

In a speech filled with urgent and violent rhetoric, Bachmann — who proudly acknowledges she is the country’s “second-most hated Republican woman,” behind only former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin – drew a clear line on health care reform.

Exit question: How about a 90 percent tax on Wall Street profits to fund ObamaCare? That’s not slavery. It’s just … kindness.