Wow: Kennedy didn't dabble in petty personal attacks, says David Shuster

I’m amused to find myself on Politico’s list of conservatives who couldn’t “hold their fire” on Teddy because I suggested that Democrats just might politicize his memorial service later this week. Laying aside the precedent of the Wellstone memorial, that’s not even an attack on Kennedy, it’s an attack on his colleagues — who are, in fact, already hard at work exploiting his death. The irony, however, is that I did hold my fire: I was planning to link this old Jonah Goldberg piece on TK’s vicious demagoguery of Robert Bork in Headlines but deleted it because I thought it might be a bit too acid for the occasion. After watching Shuster whitewash The Great Man’s record here, though, it’s back on the table. Even David Frum, who remembered Kennedy warmly today for his decency towards Ted Olson, felt compelled to note that he could barely stand the thought of him for 15 years after the Bork hearing, so loathsome was his behavior. I can only assume that this didn’t come out the way Shuster intended it, that what he really meant was, “When Teddy went for the throat, he saved it for important stuff like Supreme Court hearings.” Even MSNBC wouldn’t spin this hard for a lefty. Would it? Click the image to watch.

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