Video: Glenn Beck goes after Obama czar ... who founded group that's boycotting him

A short biographical sketch of revolutionary turned “green jobs czar” Van Jones that’s missing one tiny detail from his resume: He co-founded Color of Change, the lefty outfit that’s spearheading the much-publicized boycott of Beck that may or may not actually exist. It’s a little shady that Beck doesn’t disclose that here, although maybe he mentioned it at some other point in the show. Can anyone who watched from start to finish confirm or deny? Either way, consider this a vivid illustration of Karl’s theory that one of the reasons Obama’s gone czar-crazy is to bypass the Senate confirmation process. Imagine the field day the GOP would have with Jones’s past if he had to answer questions.

Exit question: Dude?

Update: Beck fans are saying in the comments that he didn’t mention Jones’s CoC background elsewhere on the show, but that the cause and effect here are reversed: In fact it’s Beck who’s been after Jones for some time and only recently did CoC launch its boycott, presumably as retaliation.