Reporter to Gibbs: What does "wee-wee'd up" mean?

Evidently Gibbs uses the term too, which makes this the political equivalent of one of those languages twins speak that no one else can understand. I thought it meant “screwed up.” E.g., “That deficit bombshell has left the future of ObamaCare thoroughly wee-wee’d up.” Or “The fact that a plurality now believes their taxes will be a lot higher under Obama is wee-weeing his chances at reelection.”

Seems I’m wrong, though. Per Gibbs, it’s more like accusing someone of wetting their pants due to baseless pessimism. Two years ago in August the punditocracy thought he was going to lose the primary; last August they thought he was going to lose the election. Very wee-wee, baby. And this August? They’re calling ObamaCare an unholy clusterfark that’s been ineptly pitched to the public and tactically mismanaged by the White House. Who cares if Pelosi and her own majority leader can’t get their story straight about the public option? Remain calm. All is well. Resist the wee-wee at all costs. Click the image to watch.