Just a reminder: The Obama Hitler posters are being carried by Lyndon LaRouche nuts

A public service announcement, since the media’s been conveniently forgetting to mention this and letting viewers infer who the likely culprits are from the DNC’s “angry mob” meme about Republicans. Here’s the latest example, from CNN’s coverage of Barney Frank’s town hall last night — and yes, as the Standard notes, the woman with the Obamahitler sign is a bona fide LaRouchian. Time for an apology to conservatives, maybe? Nah, says HuffPo alumna Rachel Sklar. It’s part of a Larger Truth:

Rush Limbaugh talking about Obama “sending out his Brownshirts” is a pretty clear reference to Hitler (in fact, that’s the raison d’etre for this NewsBusters post — complaining that various news programs linked the Hitler posters to Limbaugh in their coverage of the various invocations of Hitler that included Limbaugh’s reference to Hitler. Quibble!). Limbaugh’s message is hard to miss.

Nor is there any indication that this woman carrying a homemade Obama Swastika sign, or the person holding up other homemade SS sign or whoever put this homemade Swastika sign on a baby stroller were affiliated with LaRouche…

But it definitely is worth noting that there are organizations out there working on an institutional, mass level to stoke the anger of crowds, flood them with propaganda and arm them with the kind of paraphernalia which is designed exactly to get and hold the media’s attention. LaRouchePac is one, and one that is getting a lot of play — so it’s important to call that out, and make sure that agenda is clear and, like NewsBusters suggests, not ascribed to opponents of Health Care Reform as a whole.

But part of calling that out includes calling out all the lies. Because there is a clear link between this woman invoking Nazi T-4 policy in talk of “death panels” and Chuck Grassley talking about “pulling the plug on Grandma.” They may not pass out the same posters, but make no mistake of it, those messages are linked. What Grassley — and all Conservatives or opponents of Health Care of any stripe should do — is confront each crazy, trumped-up, demonstrably false rumor with the kind of blunt, no-argument response that Frank delivered last night.

There was a clear link between the “war for oil” rhetoric and 9/11 Truth too but I don’t recall the Huffington Post taking many blunt, no-argument stances on the subject over the past six years. Dare I say it, but I bet if we trawled the HuffPo archives, we might even catch a Bush/Hitler comparison or two. This is the bitterest part of the Democrats’ insane demagoguery, which Sklar naturally doesn’t mention even though it’s every bit as vicious and Nazi-revisionist as the protest signs: If you want to fight dirty, okay, but for god’s sake stop whining when the other side fights dirty in return. Is that so much to ask? And to the idiots who actually are using Nazi symbolism against The One, can you not do any better than that? This is the only sign you need.