Democrat: Grassley's fear of euthanasia in ObamaCare is an "act of treason"

Another golden nugget mined by the Wash Times from Eric Massa’s panderfest at Nutroots Nation. The money bit comes at around 38 seconds in. Despite all the other leftist demagoguery of the past three weeks — “brown shirts” and “political terrorists” and “un-Americans” and “evil-mongers” — this is the first time someone’s seriously suggested a criminal element to the sort of rhetorical grenade-tossing Grassley engaged in. It’s no absent-minded choice of words, either: Note the repeated references to “enemies” that precedes it, a fine insight into how his bloggy constituents tend to view the right.

Past a certain point all this screeching from congressional Democrats starts to sound like noise, but keep tipping us to it when you see it. It’ll be nice to have easy access to this stuff in the archives for the next time the Times runs a “climate of hate” hit piece on the GOP or whatever.