Video: Michelle on conservative grassroots activism at the Right Online conference

She’s greeted with a standing ovation but exits to an even bigger one, and you’ll soon see why. It’s always fun to watch the boss at red-meat events like this, as she palpably enjoys them and the crowd palpably enjoys her. In this case, she offers what’s actually a perfect counterpoint to the nutroots conference going on across town in Pittsburgh: It’s a tribute not to the right’s organization but to the lack thereof, with individuals massing at town halls to form a movement that the left can only grasp through a collectivist prism like astroturfing. Like she says, the hapless Republican leadership wishes it was as effective. As for the surging righty blogosphere, she’s too modest to note her own role in its success — but I’m not!

The video that she mentions of her appearance on “The View” is here and Patterico’s post about the fake doctor at Sheila Jackson-Lee’s town hall is here, although I imagine most of you have seen both already. This is 16 minutes but well worth the time. If you can’t spare it for both clips, watch the second, as she finishes big.