Paul Begala: Palin's "about a half a whack job"

Comment bait on a slow Friday night. She’s had a good week and The One’s had a bad one and someone’s clearly a very cranky boy about it. Note, too, his effusive praise for Gingrich as a set-up for his nasty attack on Sarahcuda. That’s a favorite tactic of Begala’s, framing himself as “reasonable” and nonpartisan so that the rhetorical groin-punch that follows stings more. See, e.g., his kind words for Michael Steele as a prelude to calling Rush Limbaugh a “corpulent drug addict.”

As for Newt’s advice to Palin: “Write a book”? Set up a shop inside the Beltway? Except for number four, any Hot Air commenter could have offered the same wisdom. When did Newt suddenly turn so prosaic? Stop phoning it in, bro!