MSNBC host: Hey, wouldn't Jesus want us to have universal health care?

I wanted to write a post on that business industry study showing that the House’s global warming bill will bludgeon the economy, but it’s simply too depressing/enraging after a long week of depression and rage. Have at it in the comments if you can muster the energy. Instead, since we haven’t had a good religion food fight in a while, enjoy stalwart lefty Ed Schultz discovering the joys of faith-based politics. It’s a testament to how vile the left’s rhetoric has become, especially when mouthed by MSNBC’s primetime line-up of demagogues, that this line of attack comes off as comparatively genteel. Although maybe that’s due in part to Schultz’s guests here not barfing up the talking points he’s expecting. Take a page from Olbermann, Ed: Make sure to screen the guests for total ideological conformity before you put them on the air. That way there are no surprises.

My very strong suspicion is that if I posted this on a lefty site, all the Christians there would say yes, of course Jesus wants universal health care. As it is, opinion among Christians here will be unanimous that he doesn’t or that he’d have no opinion (“render unto Caesar,” etc.) Exit question: Aren’t the lefties right?

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