Fox News poll: 69% now expect Obama to break promise about not raising taxes

There’s so much dismal news for The One in these crosstabs, I honestly wasn’t sure to lead with. The GOP erasing a 13-point Democratic lead on the generic ballot in April to pull dead even now? 57 percent declaring the White House snitch line inappropriate? A 52/29 split on the question of whether town hall outrage is authentic or artificial? Or a 13-point surge in the number of people since March who say they’d like to see less of The One on TV? (Overall split is 25/49, among independents it’s 22/50.)

I decided to stick with the big stuff, the true mother of all Obama lies. The one nearly everyone now recognizes as such:

Note: Even a near-majority of Democrats no longer buys the White House nonsense about not raising taxes on the middle class. And that’s not the only “good” economic news. Note the Democratic split on this question, too:

And finally the topic of the hour, where The One continues to circle the drain. Fox finds a split of 34/49 against the plans now circulating, a two-point shift towards opposition since last month. Among indies, it’s now 27/50. Plus:

Chuck Grassley is now starting to whisper that, thanks to the town halls, Congress might actually have to start over on ObamaCare, although I suspect that’s less a serious threat than a ploy for extra leverage. Exit question: Which conservative pollster is now predicting a 20 to 50 seat pickup in the House and potentially a six-seat pickup in the Senate for the GOP next year? Fox News? Rasmussen? Try lefty darling Nate Silver. Follow the link to find out where he was when he broke the news.