Video: The mother of all ObamaCare lies

Via Breitbart. Naked Emperor News is calling this “Obama’s Mother of All Political Lies,” but that’s overselling it. The true mother of all Obama lies is his pledge not to raise taxes on the middle class. In fact, this isn’t even the biggest lie he’s told about ObamaCare; that would be his promise to somehow make the program deficit-neutral. What this may be is the biggest lie he’s told about “changing the culture in Washington,” a key element of the Hopenchange mythos that’s rapidly disintegrated as he’s made waiver after waiver for the lobbyists he claimed would never work for his administration and ignored the five-day waiting period for public debate he swore would precede his signature on bills passed by Congress. Those sins were venial compared to the bargain he struck with pharmaceutical companies, though: In return for the feds agreeing not to try to negotiate lower drug prices once ObamaCare is in effect, pharma’s going to go all out to the tune of $150 million in advertising to get the bill passed and hand The One the political victory he’s desperate for. Won’t that mean much higher costs for the program than it might otherwise have had? Sure, but so what? The point here is getting Obama reelected, not designing the most efficient possible health-care program. And after all, it’s your money, not his. Even lefties like Robert Reich can’t believe it’s come to this.

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