Video: Democrat who yelled at constituent can't stop whining about health-care question

Yeah, this guy again. He simply can’t get over how rude it was for some doctor to sit through a four-hour meeting about a highway, waiting patiently until all the other questioners had had their turn, and then politely ask a question about the hottest political issue in America. Oh, and he also kinda sorta hints it was racist too, since the meeting had to do with a highway serving a black community. Dialogue.

The clip’s long but worth your while, as CNN decided to have the doctor call in so that Scott could finally answer his question. Minor problem: Like practically everyone else in Congress, Scott’s prone to talking about this subject in platitudes — and the doctor, mobster that he is, is very adamant that he doesn’t want to hear platitudes. Awkwardness ensues starting at about 5:00.