MSNBC anchor: Is "socialist" the new "N-word"?

Via the ‘Busters. Let’s address his question with a thought experiment. If the very caucasian President Hillary had pushed through an $800 billion stimulus atrocity, taken control of General Motors and fired the company’s chairman, passed cap-and-trade, and then made her move on universal health care, you think any angry conservatives might have dropped the S-bomb on her? Have conservatives ever been known to call Hillary Clinton a socialist in the past, perchance? Then there’s your answer.

This clip goes hand in hand with Cynthia Tucker’s moronic guesstimate that 45-65 percent of town hall protesters are probably racist. It’s precisely because racism is such a radioactive accusation that the left is willing to play fast and loose with the evidence, to the point where they’ll declare something like the Obama/Joker poster “racial” simply by free-associating their way from the image itself to some racist stereotype they can use against the right. Philip Kennicott, the author of that WaPo piece, said it as well as anyone could: “I think race operates in popular culture under the level of explicit consciousness.” In other words, even if you’re not consciously a racist, you’re a racist subconsciously so long as some liberal can free-associate an argument that you are. Neat how that works.

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David Strom 6:01 PM on March 29, 2023