Video: Protester beaten by union goons at town hall speaks; Update: SEIU releases attack ad against "teabaggers"

Sounds like the beating was worse than we thought, but that’s what he gets for being a “political terrorist.” His lawyer’s promising a civil suit against the goons and possibly SEIU itself if he can prove that they were intimidating people and “starting trouble” at the union’s behest. Here’s a little something for the jury from one of their directors down in Tampa last night:

Asked earlier today about possible disruption at the event, Kim Diehl of SEIU said, “We’re prepared. We have strategies to deal with it if it should come up.”

Indeed they do. Be sure to read the boss’s post about some of the pleasantries that were exchanged this afternoon on Sebelius’s conference call with SEIU. Hint: It involves a cabinet officer of the United States government sitting silently by while a union capo accuses protesters of “terrorist tactics.”

Update: An Orwellian treat from The One’s union muscle, fretting about the rowdiness of the “teabaggers” they had no choice but to stomp on in St. Louis last night. Someone needs to remix this with the footage of Gladney getting hassled and the cops showing up to arrest a goon in a purple shirt.

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