Cult leader to followers: Get out there and get in people's faces on health care

A new e-mail from Mt. Olympus via the boss. “Get in their faces” is a paraphrase in this case, but of course he’s been known to use those exact words in the past when mobilizing the faithful to do battle with the barbarian right-wing hordes. I’m sure they’re capable of reading between the lines.

Savor the nuance of a guy with his own online army worrying about astroturfing and political “mobs.”

There are those who profit from the status quo, or see this debate as a political game, and they will stop at nothing to block reform. They are filling the airwaves and the internet with outrageous falsehoods to scare people into opposing change. And some people, not surprisingly, are getting pretty nervous. So we’ve got to get out there, fight lies with truth, and set the record straight.

That’s why Organizing for America is putting together thousands of events this month where you can reach out to neighbors, show your support, and make certain your members of Congress know that you’re counting on them to act.

But these canvasses, town halls, and gatherings only make a difference if you turn up to knock on doors, share your views, and show your support. So here’s what I need from you:

Can you commit to join at least one event in your community this month?

What does “joining” an event mean? Verum Serum offers a few highlights from the townhall playbook developed by lefty outfit Health Care for America Now. Sample: “It is important that you take away right-wingers opportunities to talk to reporters by making sure that your staff or leaders are in constant contact with the media who attend.” Never did I dream I’d find the left panicked about losing the media on health care, but there you have it, in spectacularly creepy fashion. Be sure to follow VS’s link and read the full playbook at Talking Points Memo or else you’ll miss many important insights into the conservative mindset, such as our willingness to use “abusive language, arrests, props and physical violence” to earn a little camera time. In the meantime, though, a trip down memory lane back to last September…