Obama 2003 uncut: Sure, I support single-payer health care

I thought Ed had added this to his health-care post earlier but evidently not, so here you go in case you missed it on Drudge. This is the pushback to the White House’s insistence this morning that that viral vid about his fondness for single-payer quoted him out of context; watch the uncut version below and judge for yourself how out of context it was. Turns out the same guy who became a tax-cuttin’, traditional-marriage-supportin’ centrist just in time for last year’s election was also a fan of socialized medicine back in the day, before he needed independents to win the office he was after. Who knew?

While I have your attention, please be advised that your government is seeking information about subversives guilty of attacking the leader’s health-care plan with “fishy” statements — like, for example, “Barack Obama was once caught on video singing the praises of single-payer health care.” Please report these evildoers to [email protected] at your earliest convenience.