The obligatory "bogus poll shows Alaskans souring on Palin" post

The bad news? After a full day without Sarahcuda content, the withdrawal finally got to me. Here you go. Final Hays Research numbers as governor:

Slightly more Alaskans – 48 percent – said they had negative feelings about Palin compared to 47 percent who had positive feelings and another five percent who had no opinion or didn’t know.

The poll taken at the end of Palin’s first week out of office represents a significant slide for the former governor who received higher positive ratings in a Hays Research Group poll in early May. At that time, 54 percent of Alaskans viewed her positively compared to 42 who had the opposite view.

The good news? I’m going to come to her defense here by linking Conservatives 4 Palin’s post about why the Hays poll is a big ball of steaming shinola. How big? Their prediction for how Alaska would break last November was off by a cool … 20 points.

Click around over there and you’ll find some sweet, sweet Allah-bashing too. Time for a beer summit, maybe? Imagine it: Me, Palin, the first dude, and a keg of MGD. And maybe Sullivan too, just so we can finally get to the bottom of the Great Trig Mystery. In her honor, I offer you the latest cut from the Young Conservatives. Yeah, those guys.