Glenn Beck: Cash For Clunkers may be a government scheme to take over your computer

Why the feds would target something this supposedly nefarious at a tiny niche of people who want to trade in their gas-guzzlers is as unclear to me as why they’d tell you they’re doing it instead of doing it surreptitiously, as would be the case if GB’s allusion to Nazism near the beginning were accurate. I’m looking forward to hearing more on Monday, though, especially from Guilfoyle about how agreeing to the website’s terms of use grants the state a perfectly legal license to do whatever it wants with your computer. I’m reasonably sure there would be Fourth Amendment and Fourteenth Amendment complications there, but we’ll see. As for the terms of use themselves, any techies willing and able to enlighten about how unorthodox this sort of thing is? I’m guessing that some moron government lawyer somewhere was trying to deter hacking and either drafted the language overbroadly or adapted it from some private site without thinking how it would read coming from a .gov domain. Given that the cost in bad press will grossly outweigh whatever benefit they’ll get from checking out your digital porn collection, it’s almost impossible to believe that this is what it looks like. But like I say, we’ll see.

On a more serious note, C4C is getting a new fuel injection of $2 billion assuming that the Senate okays it next week. Minor footnotes: The program really won’t do that much to help carmakers; the carmarkers it does help are more likely to be foreign than American; and the many, many market inefficiencies it might cause makes it practically a textbook illustration of what’s wrong with Obamanomics. But other than that, it handles like a dream.

Update: Reader Skywise offers a possible explanation for the C4C terms of use. He’s probably right, although the website should have been a lot clearer about the purpose.

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