Gibbs on Birthers: Nothing will convince them

Via Breitbart, I’m pretty sure an original long-form birth certificate would do the trick — for a while, until amateur Photoshoppers inevitably “discover” that the long-form’s also a forgery. Of course, according to CNN’s research, the original was discarded when Hawaii’s Health Department went paperless eight years ago, so there may be no long-form still available to produce. Even so, whatever they have on record is sufficient to warrant an official state certificate attesting to his birth in Honolulu, which is good enough for me and for 95 percent of the rest of the population although YMMV.

I do a lot of dumping on Birthers so in the spirit of reconciliation I’ll direct you to the most credible person on their side that I know, the always thoughtful and insightful Tom Maguire, whose front page currently features three posts on the subject. You’ll find the crux of his argument here, explaining that the Dunham family had a perfectly sound motive at the time to claim little Barack was American-born even if he wasn’t — namely, that it might give them leverage in a future custody battle with Obama’s father if he decided to try to have the matter heard in Kenyan courts. Interesting theory, although I’d be curious to know how prevalent that sort of shrewd legal maneuvering was in the 1960s between couples of diverse citizenship. Was it par for the course or were the Dunhams just unusually savvy about family law? And even if Maguire’s right and it turned out that the only evidence for Obama being born in Hawaii were affidavits signed by his mother and grandparents, where would that leave Birthers then? All three are dead; there’s no obvious way to impeach their testimony short of finding a Kenyan birth certificate, which would itself immediately be challenged as a forgery by The One’s defenders. So what’s the point?

Allahpundit Aug 11, 2022 4:41 PM ET