Fox News poll: Plurality thinks best job for Palin would be ... homemaker?

Not as partisan an outcome as you might think. Of the six options given — president, VP, talk-show host, college professor, homemaker, and “other” — homemaker was the top pick by far of Democrats and independents and the second choice of Republicans behind VP. Perhaps my definition of “best” is more nuanced than most of America’s, but is a woman who’s capable of making untold millions delivering speeches really “best” served by being a full-time mom?

Intriguing footnote: The strongest support for “college professor” comes from Democrats.

Elsewhere, some corroboration for WaPo’s poll last Friday showing her net favorable rating at -13. Fox got the same number despite a more forgiving partisan sample — D40/R34/I24 compared to WaPo’s D33/R22/I41. Note the trend since January:

If you’re wondering how the moron whom she lost to stacks up, his net approval rating’s momentarily at +22. Amazingly, despite only 12 percent of Republicans saying the presidency would be the “best job” for Palin, she’s actually gained ground in the 2012 horse race since May, up four points to 17 percent while Huck’s lost a point to settle at 20. (Romney also jumped four points and leads with 22.) Exit question: What explains the drop off in her favorable rating since April? Is it all resignation backlash or did l’affaire Letterman have something to do with it too? While you ponder, here’s round two of Coulter vs. Frum on Palin from this morning’s Early Show. Given these numbers, Frum picked the right day to push his nevah evah meme — but note Coulter’s excellent point about the media’s excuse for laying off John Edwards last year about the baby rumors. I have a feeling we’re about to find out that some “private citizens” are more equal than others.

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