Video: The oddly obligatory "wedding party breaks it down" clip

I wouldn’t have posted it if it were merely viral, but as the second clip demonstrates, it’s full-blown mega-viral now: After one week, the view count’s already creeping up on five million. What’s the fascination? Their moves are sweet, but not so sweet as to warrant an appearance on the Today show; the kooky-quirky-cute factor is sky high, but the same is true of any YouTube vid involving, say, kids or kittens. I think the key is the bride: In an age where entire television shows are devoted to women freaking out over the micro-details of their fairy-tale-princess fantasies, this one’s fun and mellow enough to actually boogie her way down the aisle. Awesome.

Every cynical eeyorish instinct in my body rebels against optimism, but in this case I can’t help it: I think they’re going to make it. Hold onto her, buddy. Hold on tight.

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