Palin debate: Frum vs. Coulter vs. Bay Buchanan

A palate cleanser occasioned by this weekend’s official resignation. Nothing too surprising here from any of the participants but the prospect of a Coulter/Frum faceoff over Hot Air readers’ favorite Republican is too juicy to resist. Plus, it beats the hell out of the umpteen thousand “Alaskans debate Palin’s legacy” pieces being cranked out by the media this weekend. Man on the street #1: “I love her!” Man on the street #2: “I hate her!” Wash, rinse, repeat.

Frum does raise an interesting point at the end, though. Of the potential big three GOP candidates for 2012 — Romney, Huck, and Sarahcuda — do any have the potential to unite moderates and conservatives after a bruising primary? It’s hard to imagine Mitt turning out the whole evangelical base but it’s also hard to imagine Palin turning out Romney-supporting centrists. Huck as compromise choice?

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