Video: Hillary surprised to discover would-be Honduran dictator is "reckless"

Yeah, turns out that the Chavez stooge who was going to rig an illegal national referendum to extend his term his president — the stooge we’re supporting — isn’t above strolling across the border and back into Honduras despite the risk that poses of inciting a civil war. Which isn’t the first time he’s tried to make a dramatic, potentially catastrophic return from exile. I guess we should be rooting for him. He’s our guy, no?

I’m assuming Hillary’s statement here is a none-too-subtle signal that they’re inching away from backing Zelaya going forward, but with The One, who knows? Exit question: Between the ObamaCare meltdown, Gatesgate, and now this reminder of one of his worst foreign policy decisions so far, is this the toughest week Obama’s had as president? Has any other week even been close?

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