Honduras thug: Help me, Barack Obama, you're my only hope

America is with you, Chavista douchebag!

Deposed Honduran President Manuel Zelaya said he’s plotting his return to the Central American nation and called for “strong” action from the U.S. to help restore him to power.

“Their words are strong,” Zelaya said today during an interview in the lobby of the Sheraton hotel in Panama. “We’re going to see now if their actions are strong.”…

The U.S. has suspended some aid to Honduras while it evaluates whether the removal of Zelaya meets the definition of a military coup under American law.

“We’ve taken some actions to hit the pause button on assistance programs which we would be legally required to terminate” if it is found to have been a military coup, State Department spokesman Ian Kelly told reporters today in Washington…

Supreme Court Justice Rosalinda Cruz said in an interview yesterday that the military acted under judicial orders when it deposed Zelaya, rejecting the view of President Barack Obama and other leaders that he was toppled in a coup.

See Gateway Pundit for photos of Hondurans protesting The One’s useful idiocy. New president Roberto Micheletti was talking tough yesterday, vowing that the country won’t cede to pressure from anyone, but thanks to American leverage, he told reporters today he might consider holding a national referendum to bring back Zelaya (although not now). How that’s going to work when there are warrants outstanding against Zelaya for treason, drug trafficking, and organized crime is anyone’s guess, but what a fine chapter in U.S. foreign policy manuals this will eventually make. Between restoring Hugo Jr to power and today’s stimulus epic fail to prevent further job loss, let me offer a hearty “good work, Barry.”