Video: House holds moment of silence for Michael Jackson

No, as far as I know, Neda and the victims of the Iran crackdown never got one of their own — but they did get a resolution of support, so never mind that comparison. What’s more irritating here, that the House would interrupt national business for this or that JJJ would have the stones to pay tribute to the “grace” and “mercy” of a guy who was accused of child molestation more than once and was known to pay $20+ million settlements in hush money to his accusers? Atheist bonus points to Junior for framing it as an “if there is a God” question, oblivious as he is to the implications for that subject if one believes Michael was “blessed” with a penchant for kiddie-fondling. Like Treacher says, it’s a good thing those cherubs have wings; they’re going to need them.

As I write this, the websites of CNN, FNC, ABC, and NBC are still in full banner mode. The only outlet not smoking the Jacko cracko is CBS. Thank god it’s Friday. Click the image to watch.

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David Strom 9:21 PM on March 24, 2023