Witness to murder: Iranian doctor who tried to save Neda speaks

Don’t be daunted by the length. Rarely have 19 minutes passed so quickly, although if you’re pressed for time, the first eight or so are the way to go. At six minutes in, he drops a bombshell I haven’t seen reported anywhere else: The crowd actually caught the Basij bastard who shot her — he insisted he didn’t shoot to kill — and took his ID card and photos of him before reluctantly letting him go. I can only assume they didn’t drag him into an alley and beat his head in for fear of reprisals if they were spotted, but evidently someone somewhere in Iran has the goods on the guy who murdered her. Not that it particularly matters. The thousands upon thousands of accomplices he had are equally guilty.

There are going to be more Nedas soon: After days of silence that some thought signaled the end of the uprising, Mousavi threw down the gauntlet to Khamenei and Ahmadinejad this morning, declaring “I am not prepared to give up under the pressure of threats or personal interest” and warning the regime of a “violent atmosphere” swirling in the ranks of his supporters if the crackdowns continued. If you’re the praying sort, now’s the time.